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We at Tres Palmas strive to help our guests in every way possible to take the stress of trip planning, we can help you find the best rental rates for your upcoming trip, click one of the car rental buttons below or let us arrange your car for you by calling 321-266-2714. We can explain the in’s and out’s of the Mandatory Insurance, that is included in the prices shown on the local websites, and the Hidden Insurances that they spring on you at the front desk.. And help you around that with a Supplemental Policy, offered by some credit card providers, just ask Brad. And we don’t show the smallest 4×4’s as they may or may not function well on local roads, so we only show the cars that we have personal experience with and recommend to work well in Osa, 3 options per company shown below, also are price lists that are subject to change, so best to pick one of the 6 options in total and ask Brad for a up to date quote!!!



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*We want to help you drive happy and save plenty.

Alamo Rent A Car offers exceptional rental deals to value-oriented leisure travelers at the most popular travel destinations throughout the U.S., Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean, Latin America and Asia.

A 4×4 car is needed for many roads in Costa Rica, and to enter Tres Palmas, we do not recommend a car with less than 2.4 liter motor, therefore the Suzuki Vitara would be the minimum needed, so we have not included any smaller cars to our list.

Suzuki Vitara                                                                                                                                              


Alamo Grand Vitara budget fullsize

Toyota Fortuner

FortunerBudget intermeiate

Toyota Prado

prado Budget Luxury






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Villas Tres Palmas is about 5-6 hours from San Jose, but its well worth the drive! The road conditions are average, however we would recommend you Rent a Car anything from a Economy SUV to an Luxury SUV; as you need to drive through some dirt roads.

You will find anything you need at Villas Tres Palmas, from peacefully comfortable rooms to private cabins and lofts overlooking the lush tropical rainforest. The Villas has a gorgeous living area where you can gather or even lay back on a hammock by yourself and enjoy Osa’s spectacular wildlife.

Solid Sportage StandardSolid Sportage

Solid 7pax SorentoSolid Sorento

Solid 7pax Montero   solid montero