Our Typical Dinners

We offer local Costa Rican meals so our guests have a chance to enjoy something different for the normal USA cuisine. You will enjoy meals that you would find in restaurants anywhere in Central America, a true treat to try something different. Enjoy some Fried Whole fish or Ceviche, fried cheese and sweet plantains, Gallo Pinto at breakfast.  But, after a few days  you want to break it up, as mentioned Sadie is also very accomplished at preparing other dinners, and you can choose some “Gringo” meals that she can prepare for you, from our Themed Menus. And since we have a brick pizza oven, we offer an Italian night that our guests rave about. This would consist of various types of pizzas, whatever you choose, (jump in yourself or let the kids help) comes with some spaghetti or Lasagna (your choice) served with Caesar salad and garlic bread. Another night you could have an American night that would have steak (beef tenderloins) with a mushroom balsamic glaze, baked or mashed potatoes, salad, a couple types of veggies and some incredible dessert, like Strawberry Mousse, Coconut Flan or Tres Leches. Another great dinner feast night is the Fish night, chicken night or pork chops one night, and we do get some incredible Smoked Pork Chops here that are to die for. So you can have all Casados, but with a different meats daily if you want to keep with the local cuisine, or mix it up with a couple other themes thrown in. And if you would like to dine out, Friday night there is a dinner party at a local hangout called Martina’s or Buena Esperanza,  that serves up some great food, there are also Artisans selling their crafts in kind of a Farmers Market setting and Barbara owner of the Jade Luna Ice Cream famous for her homemade ice cream, another to die for specialty in the jungle…

Menu Ideas

All Meals served Buffet style and from our Themed Menu,

As mentioned being a rental home and not a lodge or hotel do not have a typical menu, see below what we typically offer our guests.  And let us know if there are any food allergies. And a couple things to remember as you plan your meals, (or let us plan your menu) one is we have a great selection of fruits and vegetables here is Costa Rica, so there should be no issues with that part of your cooking or catering experience at the Villa, although obviously not all will be in season year round, so we are dependent on what’s in season. Meats, The Fours Main Types;Beef we generally will buy for you or recommend just buying Tenderloins, as there are not many local butchers that can cut a great Rib-Eye or New Your Strip, and if the steaks are not aged, they will not be tender. The Tender-loins on the other hand are already the most tender cut of beef, so less chance of a tough cut, and a good bit cheaper here than back home. Pork, most cuts and very tender and we can do a Pork Tender-Loin to make certain, and there are regular pork chops, and there are some Smoked Pork chops that are really exceptional, that are hard to find even back home, so try them one night. Chicken, can be BBQ’d, baked or roasted in our Pizza oven, or prepared in a number of other ways, mostly all chicken in Costa Rica are free range and no hormones, so the meat is naturally tender. Seafood, the Osa has plenty of fresh seafood, and if you’re going fishing and target some food fish to bring back, Sadie is the “Queen of the Seafood Fest”. We can also order Jumbo White Shrimp, Mussels, Crabs and Lobster if in season, down from San Jose, along with a great selection of Fine Wines, Gourmet Bourbons, Cuban Cigars not found locally, just ask Brad and there is a charge to cover shipping costs.

Here we have some of the main options for meals, although any of them can be Custom Fit to your liking, all you have to do is ask.


All breakfasts served with lots of fresh fruit, coffee, tea, milk, juice and fresh fruit smoothies made with spring water or milk, coconut water, or nut milks.

The Chefs Typical Costa Rican Breakfasts

  • Gallo Pinto and Eggs, (fried rice and beans) with sour cream, and eggs served  any style, with Sides, bacon, ham or sausage, tortillas or toast, avocados and tomatoes, fried local white cheese and fried sweet plantain bananas.
  • Huevos Rancheros, bed of tortilla chips with scrambled eggs and salsa, mild or med or hot, served with any sides from the Gallo Pinto meal.
  • Omelets, Pancakes, or anything mentioned below, with Gallo Pinto, and sides.
  • The American Breakfast: Eggs any style, bacon, ham or sausage (or all of them, home fried potatoes, toast.
  • Pancakes: plain, wheat, gluten free, with or w/out bananas, pineapple nuts, or french toast, cereal, muffins, granola.
  • Omelets: any kind, bacon, ham or sausage, veggies, (or all of them, home fried potatoes, toast.


  • Served with Rice and beans, Or Potatoes, baked, mashed or french fried, with a few types of vegetables a salad and a decadent local desert. A Tres Palmas Pre-Dinner ritual that coincides with Happy Hour is our famous “Guac O’clock 4’pm, at the Bar or Poolside”.
  • Lots of Guacamole and Pico de Gallo served with tortilla chips!!!
  • Very Similar to the Lunches, but with a full spread!!! Fiesta Style… 
  • You would choose from one of the Meats groups per day for Lunch and Dinner.

Beef – Beef Tender Loin steaks basically cooked Chateaubriand Style, Just rubbed or with a homemade sauce of your choice and then cut into steaks at the buffet table served with lots of sides mentioned above, “La Fiesta Style”!!!

Pork – Smoked Pork Chops are great as mentioned, or he can make regular pork tender loin, and roast, served chops style, with all the sides mentioned.

Chicken – Baked or Roasted, or Arroz con Pollo, (Rice with Chicken) really good, and all the fixings..

Fish and Seafood

  • Marvin favorite is seafood, living by the sea his whole life, and always fixes up a nice Spread!!
  • Provided what kind, size fish we can Catch or Buy, he will either Stuff and Bake, or Grill it.
  • Patella can be prepared to accompany the meal, with Mussels, shrimp, everything we can get our hands on..
  • We can order Lobster and Jumbo Shrimp, upon availability, ask Brad and see if he can put that together!!!

Other option ideas

Egg sandwiches: or Bacon, egg and cheese sandwiches, or he does a great scrambled egg with sausage sandwich or burrito with bacon, sausage or ham and cheddar cheese.

When available, English muffin and cream cheese.

Quesadillas: with scrambled eggs mixed with sausage, onions, green peppers and cheese and salsa.

The Chef is great at combining items from either group, the sky’s the limit, just ask!!!

Lunches and Dinners,the typical dish is called a Casados, click for history of this great dish!!!

Served with Rice and beans, Or if you’d rather Potatoes, Mashed or French fried, with vegetables and salad. She can prepare all your lunches for mid day tours, after breakfast while you are getting ready. The most popular local dish are called Casados, which basically is prepared with one meat type (chicken, pork, beef, or fish), served with a vegetable and salad, rice and beans, tortillas, avocados.  The meats can be prepared grilled, sauteed in salsa, fried, baked and roasted, we have a griddle and stir fired with veggies is a house favorite.

You would choose one of the Meats groups per day for Lunch or Dinner, with lunch being a smaller portion.

Chicken can be, Grilled, Roasted, Sauteed, or Breaded and fried or Baked your choice, prepared in Salsa, mild, med, or hot is one great option, or in a Ginger Salsa, to name a couple ways, all served with a couple types vegetables, salad, rice and beans, tortillas, and avocados.

Pork chops can be Regular or Smoked (to die for), with grilled onions and mashed potatoes, served with a couple types vegetables, salad, rice and beans, tortillas, and avocados. Or pork tenderloin tips, stir fried with Coconut oil, veggies.


  • Tenderloin Steaks (Filet Mignon) tips stir fried on the griddle with mixed veggies, and mashed potatoes, or Tips in Salsa, rice and beans, salad.
  • Beef Steaks, thin cuts of Tenderloin cooked with grilled onions, veggies, salad, rice and bean.
  • Picadillos, small cubes of beef and potatoes and carrots, sauteed with his secret sauce, really good, and is a side generally!!


  • A local favorite is fried whole Snapper depending on availability, or if you go fishing and bring some back, or can be drilled, baked in the Pizza Oven stuffed with other seafood items.
  • Ceviche, served with fried Plantain chips or crackers and hot sauce.
  • Fish Sandwiches, fish fingers for the kids, or sauteed in garlic, however you like it.
  • And can be prepared in a multitude of ways.

Food for the Kids, and other more back home options, Pizzas, grilled cheese sandwiches, tuna melts, Nachos, Quesadillas, Mac n Cheese, Peanut butter and Jelly, Burgers, but they generally love the Typical food too!!!

And if you need sandwiches made up to take on your tours, let us know and they will be ready right after breakfast.

Buying Your Own Food

A couple notes on getting food and cooking . . . Since we are a vacation rental home, you have the option to pick up your own food in Puerto Jimenez, and bring it out and cook it yourself. If we buy food, we charge $100 to cover the transport to and from and time to order and purchase the food, this also covers any additional trips to re-stock lacking items during the course of your stay.

All Inclusive Package:

Or we can provide a chef and cooking, serving and cleaning staff to do it all for you, just give us an idea of what kinds of foods you like from our list above, Example* American breakfast 3 days and Local Tico breakfast 4 days, Lunch and Diners are very similar, mix of casados, beef, pork,chicken, fish, (or we really like fish) etc and we’ll take it from there. The cost for this service is $30 p/person, p/day $20 for children under 10 yrs. This includes all non-alcoholic beverages, smoothies, juices, sodas, zero calorie sparkling sodas, but not alcoholic drinks. Let us know what you want to drink in spirits and we will get it for you and it is self serve, we have a great list of Imported Wines from all around the world, along with Spirits.