• Tres Palmas Entrance

Tres Palmas Costa Rica, Luxury Vacation Rental Home, Cabo Matapalo, Osa Peninsula.

Welcome to Tres Palmas

Enjoy the highs of Costa Rica, at the beautiful hilltop Villa
Tres Palmas, boasts a Panoramic 180 degree view of the
Pacific-Ocean, the Golfo Dulce and all the way to Panama,
unlike no other. And nestled into the most lush animal
filled jungle rain-forest of the Osa Peninsula, and just
steps away from the white sand beaches of Cabo Matapalo,
some of the most breathtaking beaches in all of Costa Rica.  
This 8000 sf five-bedroom villa, the largest and most
prestigious home of its kind in the Osa, has as many or
more of the modern comforts of most local boutique
hotels with the privacy of your own private estate.
“It is your own private estate”, consisting of 25 acres,
with the villa backing up into the lush primary rain forest,
that keeps your days and nights pleasant with the cool jungle
and ocean breezes.


Tres Palmas - Costa Rica from polyfluid on Vimeo


Vacation Activites

The opportunities for adventure are truly unlimited for the outdoor enthusiast from the moment they arrive at Tres Palmas. We are situated 500’ feet above the shoreline with a tropical rain forest surrounding us. From almost anywhere in the villa one can view the Pacific Ocean and the Golfo Dulce with the tip of Panama in the distance. Behind us are hundreds of acres of primary forest teaming with wildlife. We are home to four species of monkeys, scarlet macaws, several species of toucans and hundreds of other species of birds and animals.

Costa Rica Seasons

Our area of Costa Rica basically has two seasons: the Dry Season (December through April) and the Green Season (May through November). During the dry season, there is very little rainfall. Humidity is low and there is normally a brisk breeze to keep you cool. The Green Season was named because the countryside comes alive like the springtime in temperate climates. One can expect afternoon showers most afternoons for about an hour or so. October and November are the rainiest months, but it really depends on how many tropical waves pass our way. If you are looking for total relaxation with lots of reading and contemplation, these are the months to come. Temperatures remain nearly constant all year round with temperatures averaging between 80 and 90 degrees during the daytime and in the mid-70's at night.. Most people find it necessary to cover up with a sheet or thin blanket for sleeping. The coastal waters are an almost constant 74 degrees all year long.

Location of the Villa

Jutting out from the southern coast of Costa Rica, lies the Osa Peninsula, the country’s wildest and most spectacular region. The peninsula is bordered on the east by the Golfo Dulce and on the west, the Pacific Ocean. It is more remote than other, more developed parts of the country like Quepos, Dominical or Guanacaste. The Osa is accessible by road, an eight-hour drive from San Jose along the Pan American highway, or 45 minutes by one of the daily commuter flights. It is more lush and tropical here than in northern Costa Rica with spectacular wildlife, deserted beaches and virgin forests. Living here is for people with a little more pioneer spirit who are looking to co-exist with unspoiled nature. Much of the peninsula is still without electricity and four wheel drive is a necessity here. Many of the foreign owned resort homes and small tourist projects operate on solar power, generator, or hydro-power.

History of Tres Palmas

The area was once home to the Brunca Indians that settled in southern Costa Rica and the western part of Panama. Pieces of native pottery can be found by those that care to look. The Indians considered this a holy place and many who stay here find a spiritual peace that is quite uplifting. Our property is home to four types of monkey, hundreds of bird species, sloth, iguana, anteaters, and a myriad of other animal and plant species. This magical place offers the rare opportunity to experience nature at its most spectacular and unspoiled.